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Builder of Player-First games

 that are still fun after 1000+ plays! 

Bloxmith is a new kind of gaming company synergized with blockchain technology
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Raiders Rumble is the ultimate 1v1 squad-battler for mobile, apply fast-paced strategic decision-making in countering the moves of your opponents.


Optimized for mobile this is a new type of strategic squad battler where teams auto-fight on dynamic battle arenas. Build your unique fighter roster to obtain the ultimate team!

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1st Game
No Crypto Wallet Needed

Creating Player-First games is our core philosophy. That's why you do not need a crypto wallet or any upfront monetary commitment to start playing our games.

Play for FuN, Pride & More!

We give players something to play for by focusing on healthy competition and rewarding them through meaningful recognition and prizes.

Meaningful Digital Collectibles

To build sustainable economies, we create digital collectibles that players find valuable in the game and want to own rather than being concerned about selling them to the next player.



Boxmith.CEO.Co-founder: Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee

CEO, Co-founder

Former General Manager at Riot Games & Blizzard

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Boxmith.Co-founder: Peter Liao

Peter Liao

COO, Co-founder, Producer

Founder at Pumpkin VR

  • LinkedIn
Boxmith.Co-founder: Terry Chen

Terry Chen

CAO, Co-founder

Co-Founder at Pumpkin VR

  • LinkedIn
Bloxmith.Co-Founder: Deon Moh

Deon Moh

CMO, Co-founder

Former Facebook Gaming, Riot Games & Google

  • LinkedIn


Bloxmith.Advisor: Benjamin Pommeraud

Benjamin Pommeraud

VP of  Game Portfolio at Kings

Former General Manager at Riot Games for SEA; Head of Player Intelligence of Ubisoft; Mentor in the Google Indie Games Acceleration Program. In particular, he built Storms, a gaming joint-venture of Singtel and SK Telecom.

Bloxmith.Advisor: Thomas Vu

Thomas Vu

Venture, Gaming Pioneer

An early employee of Riot Games; Executive producer of Arcane, the global hit anime show based on League of Legends; Former EA,  Bandai Namco, and NASA; Investor of 100+ tech startups including the blockchain hit The Sandbox.

Bloxmith.Advisor: Maokai Xiao

Maokai Xiao

CEO of Relink Games

Former Art Director of League of Legends, giving his name to one of the champions in the game; Recognized as a creative inspiration by millions of gamers around the world.

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