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Project R Playtest Sign-up

Project R is a mobile esports game that is skill-based, fast-paced, and played in short sessions. Built by ex-Riot Games and Blizzard, join the playtest to build the game with us!

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Email address will only be used for important information about the playtest.

By clicking submit, you agree to our Terms and NDA.

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Boxmith.CEO.Co-founder: Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee

CEO, Co-founder

Former General Manager at Riot Games & Blizzard

  • LinkedIn
Boxmith.Co-founder: Peter Liao

Peter Liao

COO, Co-founder, Producer

Founder at Pumpkin VR

  • LinkedIn
Boxmith.Co-founder: Terry Chen

Terry Chen

CAO, Co-founder

Co-Founder at Pumpkin VR

  • LinkedIn
Bloxmith.Co-Founder: Deon Moh

Deon Moh

CMO, Co-founder

Former Facebook Gaming, Riot Games & Google

  • LinkedIn
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